Welcome to my Blog!

Welcome to my new blog! It’s time to take you all to the next level of this journey you have been following of mine as a Southern California Wedding Photographer. I want to start off on an exciting, less serious note, with a couple of fun questions. Why you ask? Well, I am obsessed with learning things about people whether on podcasts or this internet world and I thought it would be a fun way to get started.

So here we go……..

What did you want to be when you were younger? 

100% a fashion designer. I would draw little sketches of dresses and pretend I worked for Teen Vogue- Lauren Conrad basically was everything to me and still is, I mean we have the same name, so makes sense right?!

Favorite type of music? 

I like a variety, but old school classic rock (Led Zeppelin vibes) and anything alternative rock or indie folk type(ish) music- things like Lord Huron, The Head and Heart, and Empire of the Sun are my fave. Not really into mainstream.

Favorite drink?

Rose’ or champs, DUH


Place where you love to spend your time?

Outside… I love the beach, the mountains, all of it. I love SoCal because I can be outside all year round. One of the reasons I love my job as a photographer is because it allows me to be outside and capture it’s beauty.

If you could live anywhere where would it be? 

I am kind of living in it. I love SoCal, especially the chill vibes of San Diego living…we’ll probably never leave. If I could pick a dream place to live or maybe have a second home, it would be Santa Barbara. There is something so amazing about that area that I am drawn to. I’d also really love a second home in Hawaii, who wouldn’t right?

Let’s talk business, sort of….

Alright, now that we got the fun part out of the way, let’s talk about the more serious stuff. I am so excited to be building my business with you all. It’s so special knowing that there are people out in this world who support me hustling in this competitive industry. It is such a fulfilling job and it really is something I feel I was destined to do. However, it can be pretty difficult at times. What is really challenging for me right now that some, or maybe even most of you, don’t know is that I work two jobs.

Most days start by waking up around 6:45 am. I get up, get ready and head to my corporate job. I work until about 5:00 pm. and head home after that. I usually run home, grab a snack and walk Olive. Mike and I will workout/hangout for a bit and eat dinner. After that, around 7:30pm, we are back to working on the business until about 11:00/12:00 at night. Now, I absolutely do not write this to show you how busy my life is or prove how hard working I am. The reason I share it is to hopefully motivate or inspire someone. I recently came across a fellow wedding photographer who wrote something very similar on a post I found and it inspired me SO much. I happened to see it on an evening that I was really worn out and done. The minute I saw her post, there was this instant feeling of motivation that came over me and all doubts totally disappeared. It was that one post that kept me going and that truly made me feel like this is TOTALLY worth it and possible. We all have a lot going on and there are so many of you who are doing so many things that are not ideal. It could be that you’re working while going to school, raising kids and working full time or even taking care of a sick family member, the list goes on. The truth is, anything is possible if you want it bad enough.

What some days look like…

What most days look like…


I am so excited you visited my blog today and I cannot wait to keep writing and sharing about my adventures with my business as a Wedding and Lifestyle Photographer. This is going to be a place where I show you behind the scenes of my business, talk about life in general and most importantly document the beautiful weddings and sessions that I have captured and will continue to capture!

Cheers to you all on whatever your passion is in life- go get it, you only live once so why the heck not?


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