San Diego Elopement

San Diego Elopement

San Diego is already known for its effortlessly cool style and countless venues, and there’s something about this area that captures the essence of its beauty. Heading to one of our favorite spots, Marian Bear Park, we wanted to capture that taste of color + natural light which makes the area so beautifully unique. The lush greens that surround the area alongside the beautiful mountains and hills give for such a great backdrop for an elopement, engagement session or any other type of shoot. One of our favorite parts about this park, located in the San Clemente Mountains, is the enormous trees alongside the beautiful paths. This is a must see for any visitor or resident in San Diego.

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Dress: Lulus

Florals: Native Poppy



San Clemente Canyon

There is so much history that surrounds this gorgeous area that makes it radiate with it’s beauty that much more. The area is over 40 million years old and an ocean used to cover the entire park (how crazy!). Fossilized mollusks, like snails and clams that were around years and years ago are sometimes still found throughout the park. This park provides so much history to San Diego that many people are not even aware it exsisted. During our editorial shoot, we wanted to keep things simple. The softness from the beautiful flowers created by Native Poppy (San Diego Locals), the timeless white gown from Lulu’s and the light gray men’s suit made for a simple focal point against the naturally lush and rich background.


San Diego Florist

Let’s talk about this beautiful boquet that was created for this editorial. The lovely local, Native Poppy, did such a wonderful job at creating the most perfect bouquet that fit the scenery effortlessly. The loose placement of the florals, the natural colors and the shape of the arrangement complimented this area and style of the shoot so well. I am always so pleased with all the work Native Poppy does in their design and color arrangements. If you are looking to wed in San Diego, Native Poppy will always knock it out of the park at with whatever vision you have. The bouquet is seen more than you would believe on your big day and will undoubtedly create for a breathtaking memory in a majority of your photos.


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